Ikk Kudi Punjab Di the Zee TV show produced by Dome Entertainment will see Jeet being tortured in the jail after his arrest. He would have been arrested for kidnapping Heer.

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Spoiler: Jeet gets tortured in the jail

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di the Zee TV show produced by Dome Entertainment has seen engaging drama with Jeet (Avinesh Rekhi) coming in the disguise of a driver to shield Heer (Tanisha Mehta) from any problem when she went out to give her exam. Heer performed well in the exam and got into the car again. However, she went to pick up Sunny from the speech therapy clinic. As we know, Jarnail Singh (Manoj Chandila) had hired a goon to kidnap Heer and sell her off to a brothel. The goon kidnapped Heer but along with Sunny.

Teji got worried for her son and asked her husband to save both Heer and Sunny. The Atwals got to know that their driver was not driving the car, but instead it was Jeet who was driving. Hence, the police arrested Jeet for the kidnap.

The coming episode will see Teji ordering the police to get the truth out of Jeet about the whereabouts of Heer and her son. Jeet will be tortured in jail and will be beaten up. But he will admit that he has not kidnapped them.

Heer will also spot the TV news from the brothel and will be worried for Jeet’s safety.

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Ep 48 7th January Written Episode Update

Heer as well as Sunny got kidnapped by Jarnail’s hired goon. She was taken to a brothel and was forced to follow orders.

What will happen now?

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di the Zee TV show is produced by Dome Entertainment. It is about a young girl Heer Kaur Virk, a beautiful, vibrant young woman born into a Jatt family of Punjab. Her father is her weakness and strength and has taught her to stand up for what’s right, no matter what! Her biggest priority has always been the well-being of her family and her father. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she marries into the Atwal family. After a life-altering incident turns her world upside down, the show captures Heer’s journey of drawing from her inner strength, confronting injustice, and rising like a phoenix from the ashes. The show has Avinesh Rekhi and Tanisha Mehta playing the leads.