The entry of the dadi will create problems in the alliance in the &TV show.

Jayshree .T’s entry to come as a setback in Vishesh – Kanchan’s wedding in &TV’s Mitegi Lakshmanrekha

&TV’s show Mitegi Lakshmanrekha (Shashi Sumeet Productions) saw the major revelation last week (3 July’s Maha Episode) about Kanchan (Shivani Tomar) silently suffering the aftermath of the rape on her for all the time, without having the strength to tell her ailing father about it. Also, the show has shown Kanchan mustering up courage and growing up with time, as a person imparting self-defence knowledge to girls.

Now, with Vishesh (Rahul Sharma) knowing about Kanchan’s dark past, he has broad-mindedly gone ahead and accepted to marry Kanchan.

The show will now see the track proceeding towards Kanchan and Vishesh’s wedding. However, the broad plot over whether the society will accept the rape victim Kanchan as a bahu will be the key in the future tracks.

At this juncture, the show will see the entry of actress Jayshree. T. as the grand mother of Vishesh. She will be the mother-in-law of Rajmata (Vaishnavi Mcdonald) who will be a strict disciplinarian with old school of thoughts.

As per sources, “The dadi will carry a dark past too. She will be the one who will stand against the wedding of Vishesh and Kanchan.”

Will Vishesh-Kanchan wedding happen?

We buzzed Jayshree.T. but could not get through to her.

Watch this space for more updates.

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