Jhanak the Star Plus television show produced by Leena Gangopadhyay’s Magic Moments Productions has seen engaging drama with the Basu family celebrating the birthday of Aniruddh (Krushal Ahuja) in style. We saw Aniruddh being gifted with the best of commodities by one and all in the house. Arshi’s special care towards Aniruddh on his birthday was also visible. We also know of Jhanak (Hiba Nawab) fulfilling all of Aniruddh’s desires for his birthday. She went out with him, to celebrate his birthday. The two of them had a great time together. And now, Jhanak is faced with the final task of cooking Aniruddh’s preferred meal on his birthday. Aniruddh had requested Jhanak to cook his favourite delicacy that Jhanak’s mother had made when he was in Srinagar.

The upcoming episode will see Jhanak making the special pulav and side dish for Aniruddh. However, his family will not allow Jhanak to serve the same to Aniruddh. Tanuja and Bipasha will see to it that Jhanak’s delicacies are placed aside so that Aniruddh does not eat them.

Aniruddh will be upset over it, and so will Jhanak. However, Aniruddh will make up his mind and promise himself that he will eat Jhanak’s meal by the end of the day. At night, when all will be sleeping, Aniruddh will stealthily come to Jhanak’s room and will ask her to serve her meal for him. He will tell her to bring two plates so that both of them can have their dinner.

Jhanak will be very excited to serve Aniruddh her special meal, as per the desire of Aniruddh.

Jhanak Ep 188 26th May Written Episode Update

Aniruddh’s birthday was celebrated in a grand manner by his family. All of his family members showered Aniruddh with gifts.

Will the family object to it?

Writer, director and producer Leena Gangopadhyay who has given several hit Bengali TV shows comes out with her first original Hindi show titled Jhanak. Actors Krushal Ahuja, Chandni Sharma and Hiba Nawab will play the leads in the show. The show is produced by Magic Moments Productions and will air on Star Plus. The show also has Kajal Pisal, Dolly Sohi, Sanjay Gandhi, Bharat Kaul, Sunny Sachdeva, Sachin Verma playing the main characters.