Check out the popular show Kaisa Hai Yeh Rishta Anjana's latest episode number 168 spoiler, where Mridula plans a new trick to kill Rajat.

Kaisa Hai Yeh Rishta Anjana Episode 168 Spoiler: Mridula Tries To Kill Rajat

In Dangal TV’s popular show, Kaisa Hai Yeh Rishta Anjana, the audience are witnessing intense drama. Now, you will see that Anmol decides that she will melt Rajat’s stone heart. At the same time, Sunheri asks Panditji to organize a Puja. The next day, Anmol reaches the temple and witnesses a lady sitting on ice and meditating. Then Panditji reveals that they do this when someone wants their wish to come true. Anmol tried to see her, but she couldn’t.

Later, everyone comes for Puja, and Anmol prays that her family should be happy and safe. At the same time, Mridula plans to kill Rajat. Then Anmol goes to Divyasa and asks her to sit while she finds a screw and gets to know that Rajat’s life is in danger. But a goon grabs her. Kate Anmol comes to know that this is all Mridula’s plan as she comes in front of her. Mridula says that she will not let anyone take Rajat if he can’t be hers, and also she will burn herself.

Later, Rajat comes to find Anmol, but he can’t see her. Then Anmol tries to free her from Mridula’s trap, but both end up fighting. Soon, Rajat and Sunheri notice this, and suddenly, Mridula makes herself fall from the steps. Mridula becomes unconscious, while Anmol is shocked by this incident.

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