Read about Devanshi’s next move to teach Vardaan a lesson

Kalki to make Vardaan her personal servant in Colors’ Devanshi

The maker of Colors popular drama Devanshi (Full House Media) are churning out interesting episodes for the audience.

Now, we hear Devanshi (Helly Shah), who has changed her avatar and become Kalki, will try to teach Vardan (Mudit Nayyar) and Kusum Sundari (Karuna Pandey) a lesson.

Loyal viewers will see Devanshi falsely accusing Vardan of molestation and will get the police to arrest him and Kusum Sundari, in order to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Later, Vardan will be furious when he would learn that Bhuppi (Hetal Puniwala) used Kalki’s help to get him and Kusum Sundari out of jail. Furthermore, Vardan will agree to get married to Menka so that he can remove Kalki out of their lives.

Meanwhile, Kalki will end up getting her plan successful and Vardan will be forced to become Kalki’s personal servant. After witnessing all this drama, Menka will plan to get Kalki out of her way.

What will Menka next move? Will she be successful in her plan?

Helly was busy shooting.

Are you excited to watch this dramatic episode?

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