Kanhaiya will turn obese in the popular Star Bharat show.

Kanhaiya’s ‘motapa’ to be a worry in Star Bharat’s Kya Haal Mister Panchal

What will happen if you wake up one fine morning and notice that you have put on ‘excess weight’all of a sudden?

Well, this is what will happen to our adorable Kanhaiya (Maninder Singh), the lead in Star Bharat’s popular and top-rated show Kya Haal Mister Panchal (Optimystix).

The track that will give viewers a laugh riot starting tonight will be the one wherein Kanhaiya will turn obese suddenly.

The creative team has come up with this interesting and hilarious plot wherein Maninder has been given a new look, in which he will have a bloated appearance from head to foot.

A credible source tells us, “The family will be stunned to see the ‘motapa’ in Kanhaiya, and all his wives will work towards reducing his weight.”

Will Kanhaiya’s obesity problems get cured? Who is the wife who will help him out? Or will the remedies have an adverse reaction on him?

We buzzed Maninder but could not get through to him.

Watch this entertaining track in the show from tonight.

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