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Kawach Mahashivratri will witness the first few deaths which will come across as a major shock for Sandhya. Read it here.

Kawach Mahashivratri: Twin deaths to shock Sandhya

Kawach Mahashivratri the new offering of Colors has seen an intriguing story line in the first week with Sandhya (Deepika Singh) narrowly escaping the ghost wrath on the Mahashivratri night and getting into the temple and witnessing the dance of Shiv- Parvati, and also seeing the face of her suitor.

Now, this week’s high point will see the first death in the show.

Sandhya’s very close friend Ranjana (Rishika Nag) who already had a brush with the ghosts last week, will be the first one to be killed in a horrifying encounter with the ghosts.

Ranjana’s father will go out into the jungle during the eerie hours of the night to find his daughter. And he will also end up being killed.


The twin deaths will shock Sandhya and her family. They will feel really bad about the place, and Sandhya’s father will want to take his family out of the village.

As per a reliable source, “Sandhya will be deeply shaken by the death of her friend.”

What will Sandhya do now?

We buzzed actors but could not get through for comment.

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