Krish will finally know about him being Avinash’s rebirth in the Star Bharat show.

Star Bharat’s reincarnation and revenge saga Ayushman Bhava (Citram Screens and White Horse International) has been having some nail-biting episodes with Krish (Ricky Patel) getting glimpses of his past as Avinash (Avinash Sachdeva).

The recent death of the havaldar Ayub (as reported by has only taken the story a notch higher in its thrill element.

Today’s episode will see yet another high point with Krish finally coming face to face with Avinash!!

Yes, Avinash will appear before Krish and will tell him that Krish is Avinash reborn!!

As per sources, “This will be a dramatic high point wherein Avinash will tell Krish all about himself and the brutal way in which he was killed. Avinash will tell Krish about his rebirth and that he has to seek revenge and find out all about the people who had been involved in his murder. Also, Avinash will tell Krish about his first task being to convey to his age old parents that their son was not a fraudster but was killed.”

With this, Krish will set foot on his mission to seek justice for himself, that is Avinash. His first goal will be to prove Avinash’s innocence so that Avinash’s parents will believe that their son was never wrong.

However, Avinash will tell Krish not to tell about his rebirth to anyone. And with this, Avinash and Krish will team up to seek revenge. This will only mean that viewers will get to see more of the interaction sequences between Ricky and Avinash in the show, as Avinash will appear before Krish whenever he would need him.

We buzzed Avinash but could not get through to him.

Gear up for this huge sequence in the show.

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