Krishna Mohini the Colors television show produced by Boyhood Productions has seen engaging drama with Krishna (Debattama Saha) being visibly troubled with the mindset of Mohan (Ketaki Kulkarni) of achieving his life goal of transforming into a girl. He met his Professor Anuradha who has promised to help him. The Professor urged Mohan to gather the courage to stand up and fight for himself. Amidst this, Mohan has been revolting against Krishna’s demands to change his line and concentrate on his studies.

The upcoming episode will see Krishna deciding to take Mohan to a Baba who can solve problems. She will go to him to seek help for Mohan’s problem. Aryaman (Fahmaan Khan) will overhear Krishna talking to Mohan about meeting Baba for a problem. He will wonder what the problem is, and will follow them to the Baba’s ashram.

Krishna will meet Baba separately and will tell him that Mohan has this urge to become a female. The Baba will send Krishna out of the room and will believe that Mohan has been trapped by a bad spirit, and will start to beat him up. Krishna will hear noises and will barge into the room and will find Mohan all beaten up and unconscious. Krishna will argue with the Baba and will want to take Mohan out. Aryaman will also come there and will be shocked at what happened. Aryaman will question Krishna on the problem that Mohan is facing.

Krishna Mohini Ep 43 10th June Written Episode Update

Sid sent out a guy to follow Mohan and track him in the college and get to know who he met. Mohan met the Professor Anuradha who gave him the task of designing attires for girls for the upcoming fest.

What will Krishna’s answer be?

Embodying the timeless virtues of Lord Krishna as a ‘saaRthi‘ and margdarshak to Arjun, the 21-year-old Krishna portrays the role of a ‘saaRthi’ to her brother Mohan. Her journey epitomizes resilience and support, showcasing the enduring power of familial bonds. This voyage is not merely a tale of a sister serving as a steadfast guiding force in his journey, but it also anchors the journey of Krishna who is destined to meet Aryaman. The show is set in Dwarka. It stars Debattama Saha as Krishna, Ketaki Kulkarni as Mohan, and Fahmaan Khan as Aryaman.