Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya produced by Balaji Telefilms has successfully managed to create an impression via its diverse and unique concept. As seen so far, Anjali comes to Luthra house and spoils the party by bringing a lawyer. However, Preeta gives her a befitting reply and asks her to leave the house. Anjali leaves Luthra mansion and meets with a serious accident.

Rishabh decides to find out about Karan’s killers. Soon, he reaches to meet Sherlyn and asks her about Natasha. Rishabh mentions how two people killed Karan and they had worn masks. Sherlyn panics as she fears getting exposed.

Now, in the coming episode, Sherlyn gives Natasha’s address to Rishabh and he decides to visit her. Meanwhile, Karan and Preeta leave for their honeymoon to Manali. On the other hand, a detective comes to Luthra house and reveals that Natasha is in Manali. Rishabh fears for Preeta and Karan’s lives.

What will happen next? Will Natasha meet Preeta and Karan?

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