Sulochana creates misunderstanding between Shiv and Ishani in Zee TV show Lag Ja Gale

Lag Ja Gale: Sulochana creates misunderstanding between Shiv and Ishani

Lag Ja Gale, the Zee TV show produced by Sandiip Sikcand and SOL Films, has successfully managed to create an impression via its diverse and unique concept. As seen so far, Aniket decides to bail her out. Hence, Aniket takes a disguise and goes to threaten Meena. He warns to kill her if she refuses to take her complaint back against Ishani. The next day, Meena takes her complaint back and Ishani gets released from jail.

Shiv’s mother gets injured and he soon nurses her wound. His mother gets emotional and asks Shiv to stay away from Ishani. She asks him to promise to end ties with Ishani and the latter agrees to do so for his mother. Later, when Ishani visits Shiv’s office with the bouquet and proposes to him, the latter breaks her heart and throws the bouquet.

Now, in the coming episode, Sulochana sends a blackmail message from Ishani’s phone to Shiv’s mother. The latter starts arranging money to give to Ishani. Shiv learns about the same and refuses to believe his mother. They go to the location wherein Sulochana asks them to come to give the money. Sulochana dresses up her daughter in Ishani’s outfits and sends her to take money. Shiv misunderstands her to be Ishani and gets shocked.

Will Ishani find out about Sulochana’s plan?

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