Interesting drama in SAB TV’s Shankar Jai Kishan 3 in 1

Loyal viewers of SAB TV’s Shankar Jai Kishan 3 in 1 (Swastik Production) will see a new entry in the show.

Television’s handsome hunk Himmanshoo A. Malhotra is all set to enter the popular daily as Prem, a filthy rich guy.

In the opening episode, it will be love at first sight for Prem, when he will come to Jai’s (Kettan Singh) house and see Dimple (Kirtida Mistry).

A source states, “Jai will introduce Prem as his friend and everyone would greet him. Simultaneously, Dimple will enter the scene searching for loose change in her bag and Prem will fall in love with her. He will not take his eyes off her. Jai will ask Dimple how much change she would require and as soon as she would tell the amount, Prem will quickly hand it to her without her noticing him.”

Furthermore, Prem will walk towards her and will put his hand forward to introduce himself but Jai will tell his name out loud. Jai will tell dimple that Prem is his friend. Prem will tell her that he is her friend too now.

Will Prem manage to win Dimple’s heart?

Himmanshoo remained unavailable for a comment.


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