Revelations to happen in the Star Bharat show.

Madhumali’s identity to get exposed in Star Bharat’s Mayavi Maling

Star Bharat’s new daily Mayavi Maling (Peninsula Pictures) never fails to entertain audience with interesting twists and turns.

Loyal viewers witnessed, Chegu (Ankit Gupta) managing to escape from the wedding venue. Meanwhile, Madhumali (Aparna Kumar) and Angad (Harshad Arora) accuse Pranali (Neha Solanki) of trying to run away from the wedding. Later, the wedding is impeded but Chegu returns with renewed strength to attack.

Now, Angad will defend Chegu’s attack by pulling Madhumali in front of him. When she instinctively blows cold power, her identity is exposed as a Danavanshi. Angad will accuse Madhumali of being a Danavanshi. And Shiladitya (Shakti Anand) will declare that Param Dev will decide Madhumali’s fate before sunset.

Later, Angad will take Shiladitya’s permission to meet Madhumali. But when she will be put in the Maling lake, she will burn to death.

Furthermore, Garima will start suspecting Angad when he would refuse her request of going into the Maling lake to prove he is not a Danavanshi.

Will Angad take the test?

The actors remained unavailable for a comment.

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