Mangal Lakshmi the Colors show produced by Panorama Entertainment saw Lakshmi’s (Sanika Gaikwad) alliance getting fixed with Rohan, who happens to be known to Gayathri and Kartik. We saw Kartik talking about Lakshmi’s first love to Rohan, which actually surprised Lakshmi. Mangal (Deepika Singh) is happy that her sister’s alliance is fixed and that things are on the roll.

The Roka ceremony of Lakshmi and Rohan is to happen when there will be big drama. The coming episode will see Rohan and his family not coming to the venue on time. There will be tense moments as Mangal and family would have prepared for the roka and will be waiting for the groom’s family to arrive.

Lakshmi will get to know of Rohan not coming, and will be shocked. She will tell everyone about the roka being cancelled by the groom. They will wonder why Rohan had to cancel the alliance, that too when Mangal was very clear of Lakshmi and her family’s shortcomings.

Adit (Naman Shaw) will get angry yet again, and will yell at Mangal for believing that a well-educated man like Rohan will marry her 7th passout sister. Mangal will tell Adit that she had made everything clear to them. They will wonder whether it was dowry or education that hampered the alliance.

Mangal Lakshmi Ep 42 8th April Written Episode Update

Gayathri confided in Kusum that she was forced to accept Jiya and Kartik’s alliance as Jiya had attempted suicide.

What will happen next?

Set in Delhi, ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ is a heartwarming story of love and sacrifice, capturing the journey of two sisters, who claim respect for each other. The show is produced by Suzanna Ghai’s Panorama Entertainment. Mangal is the epitome of every Indian woman who flawlessly manages her household duties while fiercely loving her family, especially her sister. Wise beyond her age, Mangal’s Lakshmi runs her father’s garment shop after the demise of her parents, deprived of affection from her extended family.