Check out Dangal TV's popular Mann AtiSundar's latest episode number 158 spoiler, where you will see that Kali comes close to Divyaam while Radhika tries to stop them.

Mann AtiSundar Episode 158 Spoiler: Kali Comes Close To Divyaam Radhika Tries To Stop

In Dangal TV‘s popular show Mann AtiSundar, viewers are witnessing intense drama with a gripping storyline. You will see that Bua Ji wishes that Divyaam should take care of Divyaam. But Divyaam refuses to do so, which angers Bua Ji. Bua Ji goes to bang her head on the wall in anger, but Radhika stops her, and she pushes Radhika away. Witnessing this, Divyaam agrees to take care of Kali.

Divyaam takes Kali to the room, makes her lie down, and starts doing his work at a distance. While Kali takes a chance and gets up to go closer to Divyaam, she tries to fall into Divyaam, but Radhika comes and grabs her. On the other hand, Kavita and Sujata fight with each other for their sons. Bua Ji asks Divyaam to feed the soup to Kalil with his hands, but the soup falls on Divyaam’s hands, after which Radhika feeds Kali.

Later, Radhika goes to Divyaam and takes care of him, but Divyaam is still upset, which makes Radhika emotional. Soon, family members come for dinner. Divyaam pulls his chair to sit, but Bua Ji asks him to have food with Kali in her room, which stuns Radhika.

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