Check out Dangal TV's popular show Mann Sundar's latest episode number 729 spoiler, where the audience will see that Agni fails in her plan while Nahar gives her a surprise gift to Ruhi.

Mann Sundar Episode 729 Spoiler: Agni’s Trick Backfires, Nahar Surprises Ruhi

In Dangal TV’s popular show Mann Sundar, viewers are entertained with a gripping storyline and intense drama. Now, the viewers will see that Agni lies to Dadi that she has not tampered with Ruhi’s blouse. While Nahar gets worried about his contract, to this the opposition company expresses that their name has been spoiled. But Agni comes up with a new proposal and asks them to announce her as the new model of the company. While in the room, Ruhi tries to gather courage and says she won’t give up.

Soon Agni gets ready to walk the ramp so that the company can announce her as the new model. But as Agni starts walking, her dress gets stuck in the nail, which she cannot remove. Ruhi comes from behind and continues her modeling. Everyone is shocked by Ruhi’s performance, while Agni gets upset as she fails in her move. At the same time, Ruhi gathers praise, love, and respect from everyone.

Later, Nahar handed over a cheque to Ruhu, which she got for her modeling. Nahar also gave Ruhi a big gift, which was her photoshoot. All this makes Ruhi happy. Palak tries to remove the fake stomach, and her mother-in-law finds an opportunity to reveal her truth in front of everyone.

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