Check out Dangal TV's popular show Mann Sundar's latest episode number 731 spoiler where the audience will see that because of grandmother Ruhi and Nahar's relationship gets bitter.

Mann Sundar Episode 731 Spoiler: Ruhi  And Nahar’s Relationship Gets Bitter Because Of Grandmother

In Dangal TV’s popular show Mann Sundar, the viewers are entertained with intense drama. Now, the audience will see that Agni once again plays a trick on Ruhi and mixes something in her drink. But, accidentally, grandmother drinks the drink, which results in losing her voice. The doctor reveals that it may take a long time for grandmother’s voice to come back, which upsets everyone and blames Ruhi for this.

In addition, Nahar also gets upset and angry with Ruhi in front of everyone. And grandmother orders Ruhi to stay away from her. Later, Nahar realizes his mistake and lets go of his anger for Ruhi. Ruhi takes a pledge that she will not wear slippers until her grandmother’s voice comes back. On the other hand, Agni decides to make another move.

Then Ruhi makes soup for grandmother, to which Agni adds extra chili powder. As soon as Grandmother drinks the soup, she gets terrified and runs for water. Ruhi gives a jug of water to her grandmother, and she breaks the jug after drinking the water.

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