Check out Dangal TV's popular show Mann Sundar, full episode no 711, where Agni again plans to separate Ruhi and Nahar. Take a look below

Mann Sundar Full Ep 711: Agni Makes New Plan To Separate Ruhi And Nahar

In Dangal TV’s popular show Mann Sundar, viewers witness an entertaining plot. Now, the viewers will see that Nahar tastes different dishes made by the contestants and puts the mark on the dish Ruhi made for him. As Nahar gets the right guess, the couple becomes the top 3 contestants in the Best Jodi Competition. Hearing this all furious, Agni leaves home to stop them.

After this, couples have to write about their partner in the next step of the competition. Both Nahar and Ruhi write good and loving things about each other, and here’s when Ruhi makes a new plan and hires a man to replace Ruhi’s letter with a false letter. When the host asks Ruhi to read the letter, she finds it wrong and tells it to the host. However, he says it is her paper, and she must read it. Somehow, Ruhi reads the letter, and then comes Nahar’s chance; he expresses his feelings for Ruhi beautifully and says that he believes Ruhi and knows she has not written all those wrong things.

Ruhi and Nahar will have to dance and win to become Best Jodi in the next level. Meanwhile, Agni gets agitated and swears that she will not let Nahar and Ruhi win this competition. It will be interesting to see how Ruhi and Nahar will win the competition despite Agni’s cunning plan.

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