Check out Dangal TV's popular show Mann Sundar's latest episode, number 735 spoiler, where Agni and Grandmother plan a new trick to throw Ruhi out of the house

Mann Sundar Full Episode 735: Agni And Grandmother’s New Trick To Throw Ruhi Out Of The House

In Dangal TV’s popular show, Mann Sundar, viewers enjoy intense drama with a gripping storyline. Now, you will see that Ruhi blames herself for her grandmother losing her voice, and she keeps apologising to Nahar for that. However, Ruhi is unaware of the fact that grandmother’s voice is not gone only, but it’s Agni and grandmother’s new plan against her.

In contrast, a parcel arrives at Palak’s home. Palak shares with her mother-in-law that her father has named his property in her name. Hearing all this, her mother-in-law started working all the house chores. On the other hand, Grandmother and Agni are planning together how to throw Ruhi out of the house.

Later, grandmother wakes up at night in shock and lies to everyone that Devi has come to her dream, and she also asks all the family members to call Pandit Ji in the morning. As per grandmother’s demand, everyone calls Pandit Ji at home, and then she reveals that Devi has come to her dream and asks her to take rounds of the entire house barefoot and a pot full of water in the head, then only her voice will come back. All the family members deny the grandmother to do so, but Ruhi decides that she will do it.

But the grandmother puts a condition in front of Ruhi that if she makes any mistake while performing the parikrama, she will have to leave the house. Ruhu begins Ms the parikrama. Agni and grandmother tie a rope at the gate for Ruhi to fall, but Nahar notices this rope and saves Ruhi from falling.

What will happen next? Will Ruhi be able to complete this task successfully? Drop your views in the comments.