Check out Dangal TV's Mann Sundar full episode no 712, where Agni slaps Ruhi with rage while Nahar gets angry in the article below

Mann Sundar Full Episode No 712: Agni Slaps Ruhi, Nahar Gets Angry

In Dangal TV‘s show, Mann Sundar, viewers are getting entertained by the gripping plot. Now, the viewers will see that in the next task of the competition, Ruhi and Nahar show their chemistry through their amazing dance performances. The duo won the Best Jodi competition, leaving everyone behind. After hearing this, Agni gets furious and comes on stage and, takes the trophy from Ruhi, throws it, and questions her relationship with Nahar. In contrast, Nahar’s mother asks her to talk about all these things at home.

As soon as everyone reaches home, Agni shouts and asks Ruhi about her relationship with Nahar, not just that Agni also pulls Ruhi. However, before Ruhi could fall, Nahar grabbed her in his arms. But Agni does not stop there; once again, she attacks Ruhi, and then Nahar pulls Agni back and tells her that Ruhi is his wife; hearing this, Ruhi feels clueless.

Then Agni says to Nahar that he spoiled her life. Not only this, but Agni goes to another level when she says that Ruhi is incapable of Bahaar as she is not fair and looks like a servant. The. Nahar gets angry and tells Agni that Ruhi is his wife, and that’s the truth. But Agni couldn’t take this and put the blame on Ruhi that she was trying to manipulate Nahar. To this, Ruhi explains to Agni that she is here until Agni gets better, and as Agni is fine now, she will leave the house. Ohh, God, what will happen next? Will Ruhi leave the house forever?

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