Check out Dangal TV's famous show Mann Sundar, full episode no 713, where Ruhi decides to leave the house after a big matter in the article below.

Mann Sundar Full Episode No 713: Ruhi Bids Adieu Goenka Family

In Dangal TV’s popular show, Mann Sundar, viewers are witnessing gripping drama. Now, the viewers will see that Ruhi decides to leave the house while Agni tells Ruhi that she doesn’t have to leave as Agni will be Nahar’s 2nd wife. But Ruhi makes Agni understand that in Ruhi and Nahar’s relationship, there is no love; however, in the case of Agni and Nahar’s relationship, there is love, so she will leave for the betterment of everyone.

On the other hand, Nahar worries and doesn’t understand why he is upset when Ruhi is leaving and starts sobbing. While packing her bag, Ruhi starts to sob, saying that Nahar is her first and last love. And this Nahar sees and feels emotional.

Lastly, Ruhi comes out with her bag and takes blessings from everyone before she leaves. Nahar’s mother praises Ruhi and thanks her. And then Ruhi slowly leaves the house. At that moment, Nahar calls Ruhi. It will be interesting if Nahar stops Ruhi. But what will happen? We don’t know. What is your opinion? Please share with us in the comments box below.