Check out Dangal TV's famous show Mann Sundar, full episode no 716, where once again Agni conspires against Ruhi and Nahar. Check

Mann Sundar Full Episode No 716: Agni conspires against Ruhi and Nahar

In Dangal TV’s popular show, Mann Sundar, viewers are getting entertained by the gripping storyline and intense scenes. Now you will see Ruhi blush while sharing about her and Nahar’s story with her sister Juhi, and then Nahar comes onto the screen and listens to everything, standing on the best door, which makes him smile. Ruhi and Nahar try to express their love for each other, but they can’t do so. However, watching all this, Agni feels furious and wishes to separate them as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Ruhi cooks ‘Prashad,’ and after that, she plans to sleep after drinking milk. But Dadi and Agni plan a new conspiracy and distract Ruhi by making a cat’s voice. Ruhi goes out to give a bowl of milk to the hungry cat, and during that, Agni mixes sleeping pills in Ruhi’s milk. Later, Ruhi sets an alarm after drinking milk and goes to sleep. Later, Agni enters Ruhi’s room, and she alters Ruhi and Nahar’s alarm.

The next morning, Nahar’s mother and other family members prepare for Puja while Panditji asks Nahar’s mother to call her daughter-in-law with Prashad. Then enters Agni with Prashad while Ruhi and Nahar are still asleep. However, someone calls Nahar, and with the noise of the ring, he wakes up and acknowledges that it’s too late. Nahar goes to wake up Ruhi, but mesmerized by her innocence, Nahar feels lost. What will happen next? How will Ruhi come for Puja on time? Drop your views in the comments box below.