Meet the Zee TV show will see Babita choosing Meet Hooda.

Meet: Babita chooses Meet over her property

Meet the Zee TV show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen engaging twists in the story plot. We saw Meet Ahlawat (Shagun Pandey) struggle for his life after Neelam refused to reveal the antidote of the injection she has given Meet Ahlawat. However, finally Meet Hooda (Ashi Singh) was successful in saving Meet Ahlawat’s life. Now Barfi Devi has come up with the next problem to avenge Neelam’s arrest.

Barfi Devi has ordered the Ahlawats to go out of their house as she is now the rightful owner of their property. However, the coming episode will see Barfi Devi giving the Ahlawats a chance to redeem their property. She will ask Babita to take the big decision. Barfi will tell all that Babita has to choose between her property and Meet Hooda. If she would send Meet Hooda out of the house, they can continue to have their property.

However, Babita will call Meet as her house’s lakshmi and she will say that she will not send her lakshmi out but will prefer to go along with her.

This will lead up to the Ahlawats being ousted from their house.

What will happen next?