Meri Haniikarak Biwi, the popular &TV show produced by Full House Media has been seeing the notorious acts of Kunika (Tanvi Thakkar) wherein she is trying to harm Ira (Jia Shankar) and Mishri (Vaishnavi Prajapati).

Well, we have earlier reported about one such attempt of Kunika in nearly electrocuting the two of them at the inauguration of the new factory.

We now hear of Kunika making another gameplan to kill Ira and Mishri.

As per sources, “Kunika will fail the car brakes in which Ira and Mishri will be travelling. And to enjoy the game that she is playing, she will tell Akhilesh (Karan Suchak) about it and tell him to try saving them from this tragedy.”

We buzzed artists but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.