Interesting twist in Zee TV show

Mira and Vivaan’s proximity to spice up drama in Kaleerien

Loyal viewers of Zee TV’s Kaleerien (‎Triangle Films) can gear up to enjoy some cute romantic moments of Mira (Aditi Sharma) and Vivaan (Arjit Taneja) in the forth coming episode.

As per the plot, Vivaan will start training Mira in the high class lunch set up on how to use forks and knives. Later, Mira and Vivaan would be standing on opposite ends in tashan. Meanwhile, choreographer and Silky come from other ends and start walking towards Vivaan.

Soon, audience will see the proximity between Mira and Vivaan as they would dance together. But Bua would feel pissed seeing Mira dancing so well.

Furthermore, at Jagrata, Vivaan will put both the Kangan in the thaal and Mira will get shocked that how come he has two same kangan as she has already sold the one Kangan to Manilal.

Will Mira learn about the Kangan mystery?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Aditi for a comment.

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