Mishri the Colors television show produced by Story Square Productions has seen engaging drama with Mishri (Shruti Bhist) finally giving her consent to marry, provided she gets a chance to meet her suitor and ask him some questions. We saw Mishri being happy to have got the alliance of Raghav (Namish Taneja) and kept talking to his picture.

As we know, Mishri set foot to meet Raghav. However, in the upcoming episode, Raghav and Mishri will bump into each other at the marketplace where a few people will try to hurt a boy who has stolen. Raghav will come as his saviour and will ask the boy to hold the power of the pen as his future will turn bright. Raghav will talk about the importance of education to the boy, which Mishri will hear. Mishri will realize that he is the boy of her dreams, and will not ask her questions as she has already got the answers to her questions about her studies.

What will happen next?

Living in Gangapur near Mathura, Mishri is considered a lucky charm, bringing fortune to every event she attends. However, her own life is fraught with challenges as she battles against her fate. Manipulated by her scheming aunt into an unwanted marriage with her middle-aged uncle, Mishri finds an unexpected savior in Raghav, who reluctantly steps in to marry her instead, though his heart belongs to Vaani. Bound by gratitude and a desire for a genuine family, Mishri keeps the secret of her marriage to Raghav, embracing Vaani not as a rival but as the sister she never had. The show has Shruti Bhist as Mishri, Namish Taneja as Raghav and Megha Chakraborty as Vaani.