Star Bharat’s popular show Nimki Mukhiya produced by Qissago Telefilms will see a change of behaviour in Nimki as she will cheer Tettar for the elections.

Nimki to cheer for Tettar at the panchayat in Nimki Mukhiya

Qissago Telefilms’ popular show Nimki Mukhiya on Star Bharat never fails to entertain audience with its interesting drama.

Audience witnessed Nimki (Bhumika Gurung) fighting hard to get justice for Richa (Divya Khushwa). However, she is miserably defeated by the rivals. Sad Nimki goes to her house.

In the upcoming episodes, Anaro (Garima Vikrant Singh) will force Rambachan to send Nimki to the mansion but he will refuse to do so. Nimki will be upset because she will fail to save Richa and Mahua would try to console her.

Later, Babbu (Abhishek Sharma) will tell Tettar (Vijay Kumar) to involve Nimki in his election campaign. However, Nimki will refuse to go back to the mansion with Babbu. But he will assure her that once Tettar would become MLA, everything will change. Nimki will return to the mansion.

Meanwhile, Nimki will share with Sweety (Shriya Jha) that she failed in Richa’s case and she will try to console her. Anaro will become furious with Sweety and ask her to stay away from her.

Furthermore, Rituraj (Rishi Khurana) will tell everyone in the Singh family to go for the election campaign. Nimki will give a speech in the panchayat when Tettar along with Babbu and Rituraj will enter. Nimki will cheer for Tettar at the panchayat and Tunney will be amazed to see her.

What is the reason behind Nimki’s changed behaviour?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the actors for a comment.

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