Parineetii the Colors show produced by Balaji Telefilms has seen an exciting drama with Rakesh getting into the disguise of the groom Rajeev (Ankur Verma) and getting all ready to marry Parineet (Anchal Sahu). However, nobody is aware that Rajeev has been kidnapped by Rakesh’s men.

The coming drama will see Rakesh overcoming one hurdle after another to finally sit in the mandap and marry Parineet.

On the other hand, Rajeev’s life will be in grave danger as Rakesh would have instructed his men to kill Rajeev. The goons will decide to bury Rajeev alive beneath the ground.

Rajeev will be kept tied in a box while he will seek help. Meanwhile, Rakesh’s dirty touch will give Parineet a big doubt on his identity. Eventually, she will see his side view and will get frightened. She will refuse to marry him, when Rakesh will secretly threaten her to marry him, in order to see Rajeev surviving.

Can Rajeev escape death?