Parvati’s look-alike to enter &TV’s Gangaa

New entry in &TV’s Gangaa

Parvati’s look-alike to enter &TV’s Gangaa

&TV’s popular drama Gangaa (Sphereorigins) is gifting audience nail biting moments with interesting twists and turns.

Indianwikimedia exclusively reported about Kishwer Merchantt entering the show to play an important part.

We have further information that Kishwer will enact the role of Parvati’s (Shiv’s ex-wife) look alike Asha. So how will her entry open up new plot doors? We will tell you.

As per our source, “Asha’s entry will shock everyone and will bring a huge drama in the show. They all will consider Parvati to be alive. However, Asha will reveal that she is not Parvati but her twin sister, who used to stay separately.”

Furthermore, Radhika (Arishfa Khan) will believe that her mom Parvati is alive. She will start calling her mom. However, Ganga (Aditi Sharma) and Shiv (Shakti Anand) will make her understand that her mom is dead and Asha is her maasi.

What will happen next? Will Asha try to mend Shiv and Ganga’s relationship or create problems between them?

Kishwer remained unavailable for a comment.

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