Pishachini the Colors show will see Ayodhya Dadaji's life being in danger.

Pishachini: Pishachini puts Ayodhya’s life in danger

Pishachini the Colors show produced by Mrunal Jha and Shakuntalam Telefilms has seen a stunning start to its first-week narrative. We have seen how the Rajput family has arrived for the family wedding at Prateek’s house. However, Ayodhya Dadaji is well aware of the danger that can befall his family. He wants his family to leave the place safely once the wedding is over.

However, he will also want to find out more about Pishachini’s whereabouts. Dadaji will team up with Pavitra (Jiya Shankar) to find the sandook which had the captive Pishachini in it.

In the coming episode, Dadaji will also enter an abandoned room in the house to search for the sandook. However, he will encounter Pishachini, following which his life will be in danger. We hear that there will be terrifying moments with Dadaji as he will be placed on top of the building edge and will also have to run for his life in the woods.

Who will save Ayodhya Dadaji?