Colors TV’s show Pracchand Ashok produced by Balaji Telefilms has seen quite a lot of drama happening in the last few weeks. The show never fails to impress the audience with its exciting twists and turns. As per the plot, Kaurwaki leaves the house with her brother. However, she notices Kaling’s troopers taking an unconscious Bindusar. Kaurwaki gets shocked and confronts them. They reveal that they kidnapped Bindusar because he forced her to marry Ashok. However, Kaurwaki tries to fool them and save Bindusar. She frees Bindusar and he fights with the troopers. While one of the trooper tries to kill Bindusar, Kaurwaki comes and rescues him.

Everyone is shocked to see Kaurwaki with Bindusar. Subandhu instead blames Kaurwaki, suggesting that he knows the attackers are from Kaling, and it was possibly her plan. Devi questions Kaurwaki whether she has been lying all this while, claiming to hate Ashok but secretly loving him, to which Kaurwaki defers to Devi’s opinion.

In the coming episode, Chanakya checks Kaurwaki and Ashok’s kundali and is happy to see that their union will save the future of Magadh. Later, Bindusar wakes up and thanks Kaurwaki for saving his life. Soon, Bindusar asks Kaurwaki to tell her wish and he decides to fulfil it. Soon, Kaurwaki asks Bindusar to give Dharma her right of being a queen. Ashok gets shocked to learn about Kaurwaki’s wish.

Prachand Ashok The series promises to be a captivating journey into the life and times of the legendary King Ashoka. It boasts a stellar cast, with Adnan Khan essaying the pivotal role of King Ashoka. Adnan, last seen in Katha Ankahee. Alongside him is the talented Mallika Singh, recognized for her noteworthy performance in RadhaKrishn.