Check out the popular show Dalchini's latest episode number 53 spoiler, where you will see that Aunt Sarabjeet insults Dalchini as she comes home

Dalchini Episode 53 Spoiler: Aunt Sarabjeet Insults Dalchini

In Dangal TV’s popular show Dalchini viewers are witnessing intense drama. Now, you will see that Dalcheeni completes Dandwat Pranam, wins everyone’s heart, and makes everyone happy. Later, she asks permission from the Kirten ladies to take Mata Rani’s statue at her home, to which they agree happily. Later, everyone prays.

On the other hand, Dalchini is about to fall, but Tej saves her. Tej very lovingly applies ointment to Dalchini’s wounds and also bashes her to take care of herself, and soon, the duo comes close to each other. Rajrani worries that Sarabjeet Bua will come, and she does not know Dalchini and Tej’s marriage truth. Param asks Rajrani to chill while Kala takes advantage of this and plans a new conspiracy.

Kala asks Dalchini to prepare for Bua Ji’s arrival, and she starts making her favorite ‘Gajar Ka Halwa.’ Soon, Bua Ji comes, and everyone greets her. Bua Ji is impressed with Kala as Tej’s wife. At the same time, Dalchini comes with a bowl of halwa and gathers praise from her. But Bua Ji mistakes Dalchini for a servant, and Daad Ji reveals that Dalchini is Tej’s wife, angers Bua Ji. She feels dissatisfied with Dalchini and insults her, making her cry.

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