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Interesting drama in Sony TV show

Prithvi to disguise to save Mrinal in Prithvi Vallabh

The maker (Writer’s Galaxy) of Sony Entertainment Television’s Prithvi Vallabh is leaving no stone unturned to impress audience with intriguing storyline and power pack acting.

Audience can gear up to see Prithvi (Ashish Sharma) in a different avatar in the series.

As per the plot, Prithvi will bring an unconscious Mrinal (Sonarika Bhadoria) to Malwa palace and would start her treatment. Later, Singhdant (Pawan Chopra) will decide to meet Mrinal in person but Sindhu (Sunil Kumar Palwal) would oppose him. The event will turn out to be a life threatening one for Singhdant as Mrinal would stab him to exact her revenge. However, Prithvi will come to his rescue and would be about to kill Mrinal but Singhdant will manage to stop him. Later, Rajmata (Shalini Kapoor) will order to transfer Mrinal to a prison.

Meanwhile, Mahakaay and Sindhu will instruct Moolraaj Solanki’s men to abduct Mrinal during the transfer but a masked man would foil their plan and rescue Mrinal. Later, it will be revealed that the masked man is no other than Prithvi in the avatar of dacoit Dharti Dhakel Singh.

Furthermore, Dharti (Prithvi) and Mrinal will be chased by Moolraj and his men. Dharti would fight with Moolraj men. Meanwhile, Moolraj will try to physically abuse Mrinal but Dharti would rescue her and cut Moolraj’s hand for his deed.

What will happen next? Will Mrinal learn about Dharti’s reality?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the actor for a comment.

Watch the engrossing drama soon.

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