Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible narrates the remarkable story of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey), a single mother, who embarks on an extraordinary journey to establish a life of respect and honor for herself and her children. Her unwavering determination and bravery serve as a beacon of inspiration, not just for her children but also for her friends and family.

In the episodes to come, Pushpa makes a life-altering decision and dedicates her time and energy to launching a Patola weaving venture. Her determination to break Viren’s (Hemant Kher) monopoly in the business showcases her resolve and dedication toward her father’s teaching. Throughout this journey, Pushpa seeks the support of her childhood friend Jugal (Anshul Trivedi), but he is reluctant, believing it is not wise to challenge the powerful Viren Setalvad.
Will Pushpa be able to start her own Patola business and convince Jugal to help her in the venture?

Karuna Pandey, who plays the character of Pushpa, said, “Pushpa’s character has grown and transformed into a more empowering woman and entrepreneur who is starting her own Patola saree-making business. Her journey showcases the determination and resilience needed to achieve one’s dreams and aspirations, making the upcoming storyline a treat to watch for the audience.”
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