Loyal viewers of Sony SAB’s slice-of-life show Pushpa Impossible, produced by Jamnadas Majethia under Hats Off Productions, can gear up for interesting drama. According to the storyline, Ashwin gets the feeling of being inferior in comparison to Dipti’s family and says a few hurtful things to Dipti as well at her birthday party. At the peak of his anger, he raises his hand at Dipti, leaving Pushpa and her in shock.

Furious with Ashwin for raising his hand on Dipti, Pushpa asks him to leave the house. Later, Sonal learns about the incident and comes to the chawl to take Dipti away, but she refuses. Sonal files a complaint against Ashwin in the police station. Dipti saves Ashwin. Afterward, Pushpa clearly expresses to Ashwin that Deepti must forgive him before she even considers forgiving him.

In the coming episode, Rashi is tensed as Dilip goes missing. She informs Pushpa that Dilip’s number is unavailable, and Pushpa tries to calm her down by saying that Dilip isn’t a kid he will be back. However, Rashi doesn’t listen and rushes to find him. Pushpa follows, and they find Ashwin carrying Dilip as he falls unconscious.

What has happened to Dilip?

Pushpa Impossible is the story of Pushpa Patel, a feisty, fun-loving, strong-willed, and self-made woman who sets out on an unconventional path to achieve a life of respect and dignity. Bringing alive the various shades of Pushpa’s colorful personality on screen is an ace actress and performer, Karuna Pandey. She is joined by a stellar cast, including Naveen Pandita, Darshan Gurjar, Deshna Dugad, Garima Parihar, and Bhakti Rathod.