Will Omkar be able to save Shivika?

Pyaar Ke Papad: Shivika’s saree catches fire, will Omkar be able to save her?

Star Bharat popular show ‘Pyaar ka Papad’ where the ongoing track is keeping the audience hooked by showing how Shivika successfully cooked all the food for her rasoi rasam within her limited time. But then Jaya gets jealous and ruins the food by adding chilies to it.

When Shivika’s comes to know she refuses that she added chilies, while led to a small argument between Shivika and Omkar.

In the upcoming episode, we will witness that Omkar’s father Pyaarelal gets caught in a major fire accident. Shivika’s successfully rescues her father in law. but while coming out Pyaarelal notices that the family photo frame gets left behind, which he doesn’t want to lose so Shivika decides to enter the house again to get the photo frame but her saree catches fire and she gets stuck. Finally, Omkar decides to enter in the fire to save Shivika.

Are you excited to watch Omkar braving it out to save Shivika?

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