Rabb Se Hai Dua the Zee TV show produced by LSD Films has seen engaging drama with Dua (Aditi Sharma) facing the worst possible phase of her married life. As we know, the entire family has turned against Dua. And now, Dua will face the wrath of Haider (Karanvir Sharma) too. As per the episodes that have gone by, Dua was forced to lodge a police complaint against Ruhaan as he was about to attack Haider. However, Gazal played a trick and lodged a police complaint against Heena and made it appear that Dua lodged the complaint against Heena. We saw Haider calling for Instant Triple Talaaq which also got him under police radar. Both Heena and Haider were arrested. Ruhaan followed them to the jail after he tried to shoot at Dua.

The coming episode will see Haider giving the divorce papers to Dua. We have written about how this came as a shock to Dua. Gazal will in the coming episode be ecstatic as Haider will do exactly what she wants. Dua will be shocked to hold the divorce papers in her hand. She will talk to Haider and will remind him of all the marital vows that they have taken. She will narrate the good incidents of them as a couple and will ask Haider to take back the divorce order. She will ask him whether he does not love her.

What will happen next?

Rabb Se Hai Dua the show on Zee TV produced by LSD Films stars Karanvir Sharma, Aditi Sharma and Richa Rathore in lead roles. The beautiful life of Haider and Dua is spoiled with the entry of Ghazal. Haider’s second marriage to Ghazal has ruined his family’s reputation. However, Haider stays unaware of Ghazal’s bad deeds and ill nature.