The development will bring in a new twist in the plot

Radhabai to get pregnant in Sony TV’s Peshwa Bajirao

Sony Entertainment Television’s Peshwa Bajirao (Sphereorigins) is keeping audience hooked to their TV screens, thanks to its captivating storyline.

Viewers recently witnessed Baji’s (Rudra Soni) first war sequence wherein he emerged as a warrior. He also won the war and took over Daulatabaad from Mughals.

Now, there is double happiness in the show as Radhabai (Anuja Sathe) will announce about her pregnancy. After learning about Radhabai’s pregnancy Balaji (Manish Wadhwa) will decide to head back to Saswad from Satara.

However, Tarabai (Pallavi Joshi) would want Baji to fight one more war against the Mughals. Hence, she will order Baji to fight for the Maratha Empire or else she would kidnap her siblings and mother.

Will Baji fight to save his family?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect with actors as they were busy shooting.

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