Star Bharat’s Musakaan to see an interesting twist

Reunion on the cards for Musakaan and Raunak?

Star Bharat’s Musakaan has been keeping its viewers hooked with nail biting twists and turns throughout the show. With the death of Sujoy (played by Karam Rajpal), chances of Musakaan and Raunak to reunite are high.

Karam had entered the show as Musakaan’s best friend and later went on to become her love interest. However, his death happens due to a mishap. Meanwhile, Raunak starts getting a soft corner for Musakaan and gets her back home even though he is assumed to be married to Kajal. As promised to Musakaan’s mother, he takes her responsibility which will lead to Musakaan and Raunak coming close to each other.

Where Raunak has got Musakaan back to his house, makers of the show are planning a high drama sequence between Musakaan, Raunak and Kajal. In this entire dilemma, will Raunak and Musakaan reunite is the question. It will not only be an emotional drive but also a visual treat with the love and hatred relationship.

We are very excited to watch the chemistry of Musakaan and Raunak on screen, but will Raunak convince Musakaan to be wth him forever?

Keep reading IWMBuzz for answers.

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