The entire family is off for a train journey to Kumbh Mela.

SAB TV’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain team off to Kumbh Mela

SAB TV’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain brings an interesting adventure for its viewers, this week. The entire family is off for a train journey to Kumbh Mela. However, it isn’t a smooth ride with Pancham (Nikhil Khurana) having an upset stomach and the breaks of the train failing.

Murari (Anup Upadhyay) has planned to take his family and 8 sinners from Chandni Chowk to Kumbh Mela. With this, Elaichi’s (Hiba Nawab) wish of travelling with Pancham makes them try and prove Pancham as a sinner to Murari, in which they eventually succeed. As everyone is about to board the train, Pancham is dealing with an upset stomach and misses the train, but somehow makes it through the following stations. With romance blooming between couples, in the train, a terrifying news is announced. The train’s breaks have failed and everyone plans to pour their hearts out as it might be their last day, alive, although there is one way to save everyone.

Will Pancham reveal the truth as well? What is it that one way that can save everyone?

Nikhil Khurana, playing the role of Pancham said, “Murari has decided to take 8 sinners to Kumbh Mela, for his shop’s progress and Pancham is busy proving himself to be one. This train journey is going to be a roller coaster ride with guaranteed entertainment for the audiences as there is a lot coming up for them.”

Hiba Nawab, playing the role of Elaichi said, “The upcoming episodes are full of excitement and errors. We have had a lot of fun shooting for this track as it was away from the set. The viewers are going to enjoy a lot as well, as Pancham and Elaichi struggle their way to go on the journey together.

Anup Upadhyay, playing the role of Murari said, “Chandni Chowk is all set to visit Kumbh Mela but the journey is full of surprises for everyone. While on one hand Pancham is dealing with an upset stomach, on the other hand the breaks of the train have failed. It will be surely entertaining for the audiences to watch if they make to Kumbh Mela or not.”

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