Sanjog the Zee TV show produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions has seen Amrita (Shefali Sharma) pining for a baby and going through all the medical procedures to become a mother. However, again she has faced failure with her IVF procedure showing up negative results. Amrita is worked up in the mind and has decided to look for an alternative idea for having a child. She has decided that adoption will give her the happiness that she has been deprived of for years.

However, in the coming episode Maa Saa (Dolly Mattoo) will throw a fit when she will get to know about Amrita thinking of adoption. Maa Saa who will even think of getting Rajiv married again, will get to know of Amrita’s IVF procedure being a failure. She will not only reveal this to Rajiv but will also make a big hue and cry over Amrita’s thought of adoption.

What will Rajiv decide? Will Amrita’s dream of adoption be shattered by her family?