Sanjog the Zee TV show produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions has seen engaging drama with the lives of Amrita (Shefali Sharma) and Gauri (Kamya Punjabi) clashing big time when they meet at the temple and later meet with an accident. With both the pregnant ladies admitted to the same hospital, there is a terrible mixup when the wrong kids reach both Amrita and Gauri. However, the only person who identifies with Amrita’s child happens to be Alok, the brother of Amrita. He identifies the kid to be having a birthmark near her ear which is not present in the kid given to Amrita.

The coming episode will however see problems erupting again for Amrita after becoming a mother. Maasa who would have anticipated getting a grandson will be extremely dejected at the birth of a girl. She will revolt in a very bad way. When Amrita and the kid will be getting home after discharge, Maasa will refrain from welcoming the kid home. She would have not arranged for a Gruhapravhesh for the little kid. This will hurt Amrita a lot.

How will Amrita’s journey as a mother start?