Shani and Chandra’s ‘huge clash’ in Colors’ Karamphal Data Shani

The two strong entities, Shani and Chandra will get into a huge fight in the popular Colors show.

Shani and Chandra’s ‘huge clash’ in Colors’ Karamphal Data Shani

Colors’ popular show Karamphal Data Shani (Swastik Productions) is focussing on the huge war that has started between the planets (grah yuddh).

The upcoming episodes will be intense and engrossing with Shani (Rohit Khurana) initially clashing with Chandra (Raj Singh) in a fight. With Chandra hell-bent on winning this battle, viewers will have a visual treat watching the big clash.

The episode will be huge with Chandra who has the power of influencing ‘water’ creating a problem situation for Shani. Shani who can control water would create massive water waves and will allow them to crash against Shani. In a split second, Shani will be inside water, struggling to breathe and cope up. Chandra will also jump into water to finish Shani off.

Meanwhile, Chhaya (Juhi Parmar) and Yami (Kajol Srivastava) will be worried for Shani. Chhaya will request Yami to save Shani from this. Yami will urge Shani to put up a fight and win over this…

Will Shani over power Chandra? Who will come out victorious in this fight?

We buzzed the actors but they did not respond.

Watch this space for more updates.

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