Sherdil Shergill will see Manmeet deciding to attend the engagement of Raj.

Sherdil Shergill: Manmeet decides to go to Raj’s engagement

Sherdil Shergill the Colors show produced by Parin Multimedia has seen engaging drama with Raj (Dheeraj Dhoopar) telling his family that he is ready to marry Anisha (Sushmita Banik). However, we have seen both Raj and Manmeet (Surbhi Chandna) missing each other. We also wrote about Raj bringing Anisha to his house so that Manmeet can see her.

The coming drama will see the countdown to Raj’s engagement ceremony. As we know, Manmeet and her family have been invited to the engagement. However, Manmeet will strictly tell her parents that there is no need to go and attend the engagement as all is done between them.

However, Manmeet will be constantly reminded of Raj’s love confession. Also, she will be told that she needs to make sure that all is well and fine with her, and hence in order to prove this, she has to go to Raj’s engagement.

Manmeet will contemplate about this and will decide to attend the engagement.

What will happen at the engagement?

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