Sherdil Shergill will see Raj showing Manmeet his would-be wife.

Sherdil Shergill: Raj introduces his would-be wife to Manmeet

Sherdil Shergill the Colors show produced by Parin Multimedia has seen engaging drama with Bhairav deciding to end Raj’s (Dheeraj Dhoopar) internship with Manmeet (Surbhi Chandna). This means that Raj and Manmeet have parted ways.

Now, even after all of this, Raj is thinking of his time spent with Manmeet. But he is also hurt and affected by the way Manmeet has reacted to Bhairav’s decision. He feels that Manmeet has washed her hands away from Raj after all the help she needed from him.

The coming episode will be explosive as both Manmeet and Raj will start to miss each other. Raj will even express his love for Manmeet when she will question him about whether he loves her.

At this juncture, as we know, Raj’s parents will arrange his marriage with Anisha (Sushmita Banik). Raj who will want to further irk Manmeet, will come to Manmeet’s house with Anisha. He will introduce Anisha to Manmeet as his would-be wife.

Will Manmeet now realize that she is in love with Raj?