Rani accepts her defeat and leaves the house in Colors show Shubharambh

Shubharambh: Rani accepts her defeat and leaves the house

Loyal viewers of Colors show Shubharambh produced by Shashi Sumeet have been witnessing the intriguing drama.

According to the storyline, Raja (Akshit Sukhika) gets angry at Rani (Mahima Makwana) for her false allegations on moti mummy and mota papa. However, Rani is adamant and tries ways to expose them. Rani sits outside Raja’s house to prove that she is innocent. Raja too sits with her to challenge her.

Now we hear that, in the upcoming episodes, the audience will witness Raja having a high fever because of sleeping outside the house for the entire night. Rani gets emotional and backs off. She accepts her defeat and agrees to leave the house.

The audience will witness an emotional goodbye to each other.

Are you excited to watch the show?

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