Star Bharat show update: Musakaan's journey to begin with intriguing twists

Drama galore in Musakaan

Star Bharat show update: Musakaan’s journey to begin with intriguing twists

Star Bharat’s latest offering Musakaan (Rashmi Sharma) is a beautiful story of the mother – daughter’s journey of hardships, rejections, acceptance, threats and the love that both of them share while playfully dealing with all of it.

The coming episodes of the daily will witness Musakaan (Sonakshi Save), who would be studying in a boarding school, suffering an injury during her annual day performance. When her mother Aarti (Ariena Dey) will get this news, she would rush to see Musakaan at the hospital. The doctor will suggest Aarti to take Musakaan home but she will be reluctant.

Later, Musakaan will be elated as Aarti would prepare food for all the kids in the hostel. Soon, the police will call Aarti, she will scold them for calling up late at night and disconnecting the phone. Later, Aarti and Musakaan will spend quality time with each other. Aarti will take Musakaan to the market and as they return to the school, she will be shocked to see a man. Aarti would plead him not to reveal her identity.

Later, while Aarti is at the hostel, Tabassum would call her that it is safe to return to Kolkata; on her way back to Kolkata, Aarti will delete all of Musakaan’s pictures from her phone.

What is the mystery behind Musakaan? Why is Aarti hiding Musakaan’s identity?

We called the actor but she was busy shooting.

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