Sony Entertainment Television’s new offering Story 9 Months Ki has been entertaining audiences with interesting twists and turns.

As seen so far, Alia talks to Brij Mohan and reveals her offer to bring Sarangdhar to Mathura. Brij Mohan agrees to the same.

Now, in the coming episode, Sarang gets a call from Mehta. The boy meets him and proves his dedication which impresses Mehta and soon he signs Sarang for a film. Sarang gets elated and calls Alia to give the news.

Meanwhile, Alia shares with him that she has to go to Mathura for urgent work. On other hand, Sarang gets in a dilemma as he knows his father is behind him and if goes to Mathura, he will be trapped there. However, he cares for Alia and her baby so agrees to the trip.

OMG! What will happen next?

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