Colors TV show Suhaagan produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms is gearing up for some interesting drama. As per the plot, Krishna ends up getting a burn on his hands in an attempt to cook for himself. Later, Bindiya, decides to make Krishna’s food herself and rebukes Pallu for wasting money by ordering food from outside. Payal panics as the loan shark demands twice the money she owes. To her horror, the loan shark pulls out a knife and vows to kill her. However, Payal promises to give them the money.

Krishna finalizes the deal with a man and orders Payal to bring the money to the market. However, Payal sends Bindiya with the bag full of money. Payal decides to steal the money and give it to the loan shark. Payal disguises as an old woman and smartly takes the bag from the scooty. Krishna and Bindiya reach the office and hands the bag to the man. However, he fails to find money inside and asks Bindiya and Krishna to leave his office. Krishna gets angry at Bindiya over the same.

In the coming episode, Krishna and Bindiya return home and reveal the entire problem in front of the family. Krishna continues to blame Bindiya for her negligence. Soon, Bindiya’s family member come and give the money to Bindiya. The latter takes the money bag and gives it to Krishna. She reveals how she sold her land and got the money for his business. However, Krishna refuses to take the money and asks Bindiya to stay away from his matters.

Suhaagan stars Garima Kishnani, Sakshi Sharma and Raghav Thakur.