Bigg Boss house to turn into a battlefield, again

Surbhi Rana and Dipika Kakkar fight over nominations

Bigg Boss 12 is heating up and its contestants are doing everything what is needed to keep their head above the water.

Nominations for this week loom large and this week the process will bring much friction among contestants.

Last week, Bigg Boss nominated all contestants and this week he will give the power to Surbhi, Dipika and Deepak to save any three inmates (including themselves). Others have to lure their way into the safe zone by winning vote of the above three.

Jasleen and Megha will miss the mark. Karanvir, Shristy and Rohit will hatch a plot of fighting it out instead of begging for safety.

Finally, the tension would lead to a fracas between the Surbhi and Dipika where they will yell their vocals out at each other.

“You are trying to copy me,” yell Surbhi at Dipika and all hell will loose.

Not to end at it, Surbhi will also quarrel with Sreesanth.

Rohit, Somi and Deepak: the love triangle in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is getting all mushy mushy has learnt that apart from all the fights and verbal violence, the house of controversies, Bigg Boss 12, is being smitten by the aura of Cupid.

Yes, Rohit Suchanti will go on to flirt Somi Khan and thus will begin the love triangle buzz involving he, Somi and Deepak.

“Rohit will basicially try to make Deepak jealous. Somi will also enjoy the drama,” says a source.

Surbhi Rana will pull Deepak’s legs on Rohit and Somi’s intimacy and the latter will shy away from facing the situation.

Watch the episode tonight.

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